The New Star Wars Saga Will Reportedly Begin With A Video Game


The Rise of Skywalker may have been the final word in the story of Skywalkers, but there are still a lot of tales left to tell in a galaxy far, far away. And apparently, a new Star Wars video game which is currently in development by EA will lead us into the next saga of films.

Indeed, the last movie in the Sequel Trilogy finally bade us an emotional farewell to the story that started more than 40 years ago with A New Hope. The story of the Skywalkers, which saw the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire, is finally over. Though if there’s any legitimacy to the reports that we’ve been hearing lately, big plans are underway to revive Star Wars and take the story to a completely new era.

Earlier this week, there were reports that the next saga will be set some 400 years before The Phantom Menace in a period of time known as the High Republic Era. One tidbit of information from sources close to WGTC also revealed that a young Yoda and Darth Bane would appear as the main characters of this new narrative. And now, another rumor circulating online suggests that this next era will begin with a video game by Project Luminous.

As you may already know, Project Luminous is a multimedia collaborative design currently under development by several Star Wars authors, spanning both comic books and novels to tell a brand new story. But according to a Hungarian fansite, Luminous is also developing a new video game set in the High Republic Era, presumably helmed by EA Games, which will lead us into the next saga of movies.

Even though the main saga of films has always been the true spirit of the story that is Star Wars, one cannot underestimate the importance and value of other productions across different mediums and how they’ve contributed to the growth and popularity of the franchise as a whole. So, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Disney actually decided to introduce us to the High Republic Era with a video game, all the while setting the stage for a new series of movies.

The report also claimed that the game by Project Luminous will arrive in 2021, but fans should ultimately take this with a grain of salt. One thing’s clear, though; the decision by the House of Mouse to take the franchise to a completely different era may yet prove to be enticing for fans who’ve lost hope in Disney’s Star Wars.

Source: EpicStream