Next Star Wars Film Saga Will Reportedly Be Set During The High Republic Era


Though the latest era of the Star Wars franchise only just came to a close with the recent release of The Rise of Skywalker, the wheels are already in motion for the next wave of films. And if a new report from Making Star Wars has it right, then the current plan is to journey back 400 years before the Skywalker Saga even began.

According to the site’s sources, the next big screen saga will be set in the “High Republic” era. At this point in the franchise timeline, it’s said that the Sith’s “Rule of Two” has been established by Darth Bane, and Yoda is already a Jedi, but “isn’t the old Jedi we know from the Skywalker era.”

The report adds that D.B Weiss and David Benioff were attached to the saga before their exit last October, and that this next set of movies will not be another trilogy, but rather “a series of films which will be released in the same story era and interconnect.”

This Marvel-style method of storytelling was apparently what Lucasfilm had in mind when they put out those two Star Wars Story spinoffs, but they never got as far as connecting these films, presumably because the commercial failure of Solo put a halt to their plans.

Of course, Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to confirm any of the above intel, and while MSW claims that they see no reason why these plans would change, they also stress that “anything is possible until production begins.”

Hopefully we can get some clarification on these claims in the coming months, but either way, we still have a long wait ahead of us before the next Star Wars film actually reaches theaters.