Star Wars: Republic Commando Leaked For Nintendo Switch

star wars republic commando

Another classic game set in a galaxy far, far away is headed to Nintendo Switch in the near future, it would seem.

As spotted by prolific Nintendo eShop data miner NWPlayer123 yesterday, several assets, including update data, for LucasArts’ Star Wars: Republic Commando has recently been added to the digital store, essentially confirming that the first-person shooter, originally released back in 2005, is headed to the Switch imminently. Similar to last year’s release of Episode I: Racer and the Jedi Knight series, developer Aspyr Media is specifically listed as handling this rerelease, though the leak doesn’t extend so far as to provide a launch date.

With that said, backend additions such as these are usually followed by a debut within a matter of days (rarely weeks), so we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Delta Squad make its long-awaited return shortly. In the meantime, you can find evidence of the port for yourself down below.

While it isn’t immediately clear whether Aspyr intends to ship this latest slice of nostalgia in exactly the same state it was nearly two decades ago, precedent tells us that there are unlikely to be any changes constituting a remaster (upscaled resolution/textures, etc.) here, so the main benefit, besides not having to dig out an original copy, will be being able to play the title on Ninty’s hybrid device.

You can no doubt expect an official announcement regarding Star Wars: Republic Commando‘s return soon and if recent rumors are to be believed, Aspyr’s well-received revivals could well be followed in the near future with an all-new (sort of) Force-related adventure. What that could entail is anyone’s guess, though the current leading theory is that a sequel or remake to beloved RPG Knights of the Old Republic is finally in full production at the Texas-based studio. See here for the full story.