Stormblood Expansion Announced For Final Fantasy XIV, Launches Summer 2017


The first of three fan festivals for Square Enix MMO Final Fantasy XIV has just kicked off in Las Vegas, bringing with it news for the game’s second expansion: Stormblood. Due to release in early summer next year, the add-on follows 2015’s Heavensward as being a substantial addition to the core experience, bringing with it new areas, classes and an increase in level cap.

As the Fan Festival is due to go on across the entire weekend, there’ll no doubt be a bunch more details to come, but here’s what we know so far…

Stormblood will mark the beginning of the Patch 4.0 series and sees the player character’s Warrior of Light travel to Ala Mhigo, a territory that’s being forcibly ruled by the Garlean Empire. Homeland of the Monks, players can expect to see the expansion carry a theme centred around the Job in much the same way as Heavensward did with Dragoons.

Additionally, game director Naoki Yoshida promises a ‘revamped battle system’ for Stormblood, as well as an increased max level cap from 60 to 70. As has been the case in the past, expect new Primals, dungeons and ‘High-End Raids’ to be included as well.

For more details on the new features coming to Final Fantasy XIV, you can visit the Reddit thread here, which is updating in real-time as the news breaks.