5 Tear-Jerking Moments From The Grand Theft Auto Series

3) Roman Dies In GTA IV


This is the big one.

That one moment from GTA IV that hit everyone in the gut. We may all have complaints about the game, but now that we are playing GTA V, we can safely say that they have all been addressed. One aspect of GTA IV that was really interesting was the dynamic of your relationship with your cousin, Roman.

As much as he was a pain in the ass, and was always calling you, and always needed to be entertained, and was always getting into shit, and wasn’t really good at anything, and lied to you about what American as like so you would come out to stay with him, and pretty much doubled all the bad shit you experienced in GTA IV, Roman was still a hard character not to like.

Maybe it was his innocence. Maybe it was his nativity. Maybe it was his awful style in clothing, and the awesome way he called you “cousin” every time he saw you, in that crazy Eastern European accent. Who knows, but even if the character annoyed you (which was, believe it or not, the point of Roman), it was still incredibly sad to see him get snuffed out.

Granted, depending on how you played the game, this scene played out in two ways. You could have experienced the “Roman dies” ending, or you could have experienced the…