The best Mythical Pokémon, ranked

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Pokémon remains one of the top video games and anime in the world. With its continued popularity, and recent release of new games, Pokémon have never been bigger. There’s still some confusion between Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, which are both relatively rare types, and that’s where this list comes in.

Instead of the usual ranking of Legendary Pokémon, we’re ranking the Mythical ones, who are every bit as interesting and exciting as the Legendary ones, but even harder to acquire.

10. Victini

Victini is known as the victory Pokémon, as it always brings victory wherever it goes. Based on Pokémon lore, trainers who have a Victini in their party will never lose a battle — although, this could just be a legend. Either way, having a Pokémon with that much myth and lore surrounding them is beyond interesting. Plus, it’s design with a large V on its head is simple, but also makes perfect sense.

It’s a cute, but special Pokémon. In the Pokémon: Black and White movies, Victini has a major role and becomes like a companion to Ash and the gang. A little timid at first, it soon becomes friends with the main group. When it’s revealed that some people want to use it for evil purposes, it becomes distrustful once more.

9. Deoxys

Deoxys comes from space and is a very alien-like Pokémon, in terms of both design and background story. We’ve seen it in action a few different times in the anime as well as in the movie Destiny Deoxys. Deoxys has different forms that it can morph into using it’s jelly-like body, and we see them during the fight sequences of Destiny Deoxys. While Deoxys’ design is awesome, it really made the list due to the part it played in its movie.

In Destiny Deoxys, there are two Deoxys who are trying to find the other. One is in a crystalized egg form while the other has regenerated and comes to the town to find its twin. While this is the main plot, the side plot is Deoxys’ relationship with a boy named Tory who’s scared of Pokémon. Eventually, after realizing it’s been a Pokémon all along, Deoxys helps Tory get over his fear. It was an endearing moment for fans.

8. Magearna

Unlike other Pokémon, Magearna was made by humans over 500 years ago, which makes it unique in its own right upon introduction. Not only that, but we’ve seen it more than a few times in both movies and the anime, and its storylines are always interesting. Most recently, Magearna appeared in the Sun and Moon series, after being revealed to be a gift from Lillie and Gladion’s missing father.

When it comes to Magearna’s abilities though, that’s what’s really interesting about it. Not only is it highly compassionate, but it can sense the pain and thoughts of other Pokémon nearby. Being built by humans is a combination of strange and exciting that has us unsure how to feel about it.

7. Shaymin

As one of the few Pokémon with multiple forms, Shaymin ranks seventh on the Mythical Pokémon list for both of its designs, as well as its animated debut in Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Many of the cute Mythical Pokémon are soft spoken, but Shaymin played it a bit differently in having snarky comebacks and being quick on its feet, even if it was a little clumsy too.

As for its designs, Shaymin’s land form is the more well-known and the cuter of the two. However, while its sky form is only for a little while after coming in contact with the Gracidea flower, it’s still a cool design. Instead of the hedgehog form shown above, it looks more like a puppy. The forms are different, and yet you can tell it’s meant to be the same Pokémon.

6. Diancie

Diancie is actually a princess among the Pokémon called Carbink. It has the power to create precious gemstones and other rocks. Diancie is also a lead in its own movie, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. It shows a young Diancie, who isn’t yet able to make a heart diamond, which powers the diamond domain that it lives in. It goes out to seek Xerneas but is met by thieves who want it to create diamonds for them. Because of Diancie’s powers it’s a very interesting Pokémon, it’s also one of the only Mythical Pokémon to have a mega-evolution form, which only makes it look more regal.

When Pokémon are well thought out and have good backstories, it immediately makes them more interesting, and that’s definitely the case with Diancie. Having a Pokémon as a princess of an underground kingdom and using that as the main plot for a movie is bold, but also well conceived, which earns Diancie a spot on this list, even if the premise is a little cheesy.

5. Darkrai

Many fans favorite Mythical Pokémon is Darkrai, who was introduced during the movie, The Rise of Darkrai. Taking place in the Sinnoh region, The Rise of Darkrai follows Ash, Brock and Dawn arriving in Alamos town, which is booming with history. Darkrai is thought to be a bad spirit, but a new friend, Alice, knows better and explains it’s only protecting them from the Legendary Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia. Darkrai stands up for the humans against the Legendary beings, which goes against its scary design and initial fan reactions.

Fans love a good misdirect, and Darkrai being the ‘good guy’ in its movie was a big one. As previously mentioned, its design matches that of an evil spirit, something you’d see in your nightmares as a kid, but presenting this design on a well-meaning Pokemon was an exciting new take on Mythical and Legendary Pokémon alike.

4. Jirachi

Jirachi is known as the wish Pokémon, which is easy to see by its star-like design upon it’s head. Not only is it adorable, but it shockingly has pretty good game stats too. Jirachi is most well-known for its self-titled movie, Jirachi: Wish Maker which takes place during Ash’s adventures in the Hoenn region. The small marking on its belly is actually its ‘true eye’, which absorbs energy from the millenium comet that it will need for its long hibernation.

The reason it is ranked so high is due to both it’s design and gaming stats, but also all of the extensive lore surrounding it in the anime. Like Diancie, Jirachi has a thouroughly thought out backstory and lore. We see it befriend Max and be an all-around peaceful being, even though it is extremely powerful. There’s a lot to learn about Jirachi and how it lives, making it a top tier Mythical Pokémon.

3. Mew

Originally, it was assumed Mew was the God of all Pokémon. Instead though, it’s said that all Pokémon simply came from Mew instead. Much like Arceus, it’s just such an interesting and incredible concept that Mew deserves the hype. It was surprising to learn that it wasn’t a Legendary, especially considering Mewtwo, who was made from a Mew fossil, is.

We’ve seen Mew a few different times, the most notable being in Pokémon: The First Movie as well as Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Its cute design and psychic powers make it a fan-favorite Mythical Pokémon, and with its high status beside Arceus, it’s only right Mew makes the top three.

2. Arceus

Known as the “God of Pokémon,” Arceus is believed to have created the Sinnoh Region and possibly the rest of the Pokémon world as well. In its anime appearances, we’ve also seen it stop time as well as completely regenerate the Earth after a meteor attack. It has many human qualities and emotions, including compassion and heartache, which is what led to its actions in Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

Being that its a human-like Pokémon, Arceus is different than a lot of other Mythical, and even Legendary, Pokémon. It ultimately is like a God, watching over people and Pokémon from afar and coming down when they need it the most. Arceus has both one of the best designs as well as one of the best backstories, that’s what gives it such a high ranking.

1. Celebi

Most well-known from the movie, Pokémon 4Ever, Celebi has won the number one spot in the battle of the Mythical Pokémon. We’ve also seen Celebi in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, Secrets of the Jungle and many smaller appearances in the regular anime series. Celebi is also known as the ‘Voice of the Forest’ because of its time-traveling ability and natural habitats of different forests throughout time. This Pokémon is usually only available in the games through special events or mystery gifts.

We’ve seen Celebi do some pretty amazing things in the anime, from bringing characters through time to reviving other Celebi. Between its adorable design and amazing abilities, Celebi is both incredible and unique, which is why it’s at the top.

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