Naughty Dog Lifts The Lid On The Last Of Us’ Trophy List And DLC


The Last Of  Us marks several firsts for Naughty Dog as a developer. Not only will it represent the first product from the now two-tiered team and said studio’s first foray into survival horror, but the game will also be the host of some single-player downloadable content, which will land in three seperate iterations. Players will be able to purchase the season pass for $19.99 which will cover the trio of downloads – namely a pair of additions to multiplayer and one intended for the game’s campaign.

Though we don’t know much about the multiplayer component – Naughty Dog have remained all but mum on the online feature – the studio have clearly placed some confidence in the game’s replay value. Supporting The Last Of Us in the months after launch is a promising sign and the coveted studio have also integrated various day one initiatives for gamers chomping at the infected bit. These include some in-game boosts such as increased crafting and healing speed, plus a 90 minute behind-the-scenes documentary entitled ‘Grounded’ to boot. With only a couple of weeks until release, The Last Of Us has garnered a groundswell of support from the Playstation community for its captivating blend of emotion and environmental beauty. And now that the game has become available to a select few, the trophy list has been released online courtesy of IGN:


  • It Can’t Be For Nothing (Platinum) – Unlock all the Trophies in The Last of Us.


  • Firefly – Complete the Firefly Journey.
  • Hunter – Complete the Hunter Journey.
  • For Emergencies Only – Fully upgrade all weapons.
  • Scavenger – Found all collectibles.
  • No Matter What (Survivor) – Complete the Game on Survivor.
  • The Last of Us (Survivor+) – Complete the game on Survivor+.


  • Everything We’ve Been Through – Fully upgrade Joel with supplements.
  • I Want to Talk About It – Engage in all optional conversations.
  • It Was All Just Lying There – Find all Artifacts.
  • Look For The Light – Find all Firefly Pendants.
  • No Matter What (Normal) – Complete the game on Normal.
  • No Matter What (Hard) – Complete the game on Hard.
  • The Last of Us (Easy+) – Complete the game on Easy+.
  • The Last of Us (Normal+) – Complete the game on Normal+.
  • The Last of Us (Hard+) – Complete the game on Hard+.


  • Endure and Survive – Collect all Comics.
  • I Got This – Find all Training Manuals.
  • Knowing the Basics – Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in Find Match.
  • Let’s Gear Up – Craft every item.
  • Master of Unlocking – Unlock all shiv doors.
  • No Matter What (Easy) – Complete the game on Easy.
  • Populace – Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.


  • Hidden Trophy

Thankfully, there aren’t too much spoiler-sensitive details in the above list, and given the powerful story at the heart of The Last Of Us, it would be a shame for Joel and Ellie’s fate to unravel ahead of schedule.

The Last Of Us is penned for release on June 14th, 2013 and should gamers prefer to purchase the game digitally, they’ll be able to boot up the adventure when the download passes the halfway mark. Pretty neat, don’t you think? But, the real question is; will you be picking up Naughty Dog’s PS3 swan song in a couple of weeks time? Let us know below!

Source: Joystiq