The Master Race Beckons: Grand Theft Auto V PC Petition Passes 220,000 Signatures


What started as a niche rallying call has now snowballed into a global plead, as the online petition to bring Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V to PC platforms recently surpassed 220,000 – at the time of writing, the number now stands at 220,144.

The distinguished developer has only confirmed the release of the game for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. In saying that, Rockstar openly stated that a Wii U and PC iteration of Grand Theft Auto V were “up for consideration” in November of last year, which in turn birthed the online petition.

Hoping to sway the studio into unveiling a PC version, the document also contains a message that champions the proposed concept. Citing the potential for chaotic mods and the ability to play the game on “the most powerful platform,” buoyant fans have been spearheading the demand for over a year now. A demand that hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, it seems.

Recently, the eagle-eyed team at Rockstar Watch spotted a job listing at the company; one which would include ‘helping to port Rockstar’s latest games to PC’. The call for a lead graphics programmer was quickly taken down by the company – in typically secretive fashion – but nevertheless, the impetus from the PC fanbase has continued to thrive exponentially.

In fact, PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V were spotted on the websites of German retailers, which updated their pages to include a listing for the fifth numerical entry in Rockstar’s iconic series. And now, with over 220k names attached to the petition – a number that continues to grow with each passing minute – gamers believe that their dedication will finally be rewarded in the form of a PC instalment of GTA V.

While a next-gen release of Grand Theft Auto V has also been speculated, the gaming community is hellbent on a PC version of the game. Mind you, Dark Souls was introduced to the master race after a grassroots petition in 2012, so it isn’t exactly outside the realm of possibility.

Would you like to see Rockstar produce a PC version of GTA V? Indeed is the mouse and keyboard your preferred gaming platform? Give us your opinion below.