‘The Witcher’ devs seemingly reveal first plot detail about ‘Witcher 4’

Image via CD Projekt Red.

While CD Projekt Red is currently playing coy with The Witcher fans over the highly-awaited next installment in the role-playing video game series, the devs have gone out of their way to confirm that the medallion we see in the first promo image is, indeed, a lynx.

Robert Malinowski, who heads the Polish game studio’s global communications, has just told Eurogamer that the medallion indeed depicts the animal we know as the lynx, and The Witcher fandom has since gone wild with speculation.

“Okay, some mysteries should not be so mysterious,” the PR director revealed. “I can confirm that the medallion is, in fact, shaped after a lynx.”

With the context of The Witcher canon in mind, we don’t actually have a School of the Lynx. The closest we have to it in Andrzej Sapkowski’s fictional world is the School of the Cat, though CDPR is quite clear about their wording here.

In reality, The School of the Lynx is a fan-fiction story about how Lambert and Keira Metz transform the School of the Cat to that of the lynx following the events of The Witcher 3, so could it be that CDPR is developing a game centering around Geralt’s comrade?

Then again, the story could also revolve around Ciri, as she makes her own legend as a Witcher, after one of the previous game’s endings. Because who’d want to play as Lambert when you’ve got Ciri? In fact, who’d want to play as Ciri when you could just jump back into the Northern Kingdoms as Geralt? At least on that end, we’ve received confirmation that CD Projekt has no plans to resurrect the titular protagonist.

In any event, we’ll probably have to wait until the studio is ready to share more details about the upcoming Witcher game, currently in development at the studio using Unreal Engine 5.