This Nintendo Switch Game Is Getting An Unexpected Anime Adaptation

There is no shortage of video games that have gotten anime adaptations over the years. Digimon, Ace Attorney, Pokemon, Persona 5, and the list goes on and on. Usually, series that end up hitting TV screens in a whole new way tend to be for games that are major hits. But it looks like that’s about to change for one quirky fitness title.

Fitness Boxing (known as Fit Boxing in Japan) is an exercise fitness game where players punch and dodge while listening to some of their favorite songs while cheered on by several fitness instructors. The series has sold well despite the original game holding an average 66% rating on MetaCritic. It was never a standout game, but it seems to have earned itself the chance to make a bigger splash.

The show titled You and Fitness Boxing will feature twelve episodes at five minutes long each will chronical the everyday lives of the game’s fitness instructors. The original Japanese voice actors from the games will be reprising their roles for the slice-of-life comedy.

You and Fitness Boxing will premiere on October 1st as part of the Fall 2021 anime season. The series will air on Tokyo MX as well as several streaming services not yet announced.