Titanfall 3 Is Reportedly In Active Development

Titanfall 2

A welcome addition to the battle royale genre it may have been back in 2019, but for Apex Legends to live, developer Respawn Entertainment had to sacrifice the future of a well-loved series. While the developer would have undoubtedly been hoping for its, at the time, pet project to prove successful, nobody could have anticipated the overnight success enjoyed by Fortnite‘s eventual competitor, having immediately become a sensation on streaming platforms such as Twitch despite a total lack of pre-release publicity.

Now boasting millions of players across multiple platforms (with more on the way, to boot), Apex‘s unforeseen popularity has left Respawn with little time to revisit the first-person shooter series that single-handedly put it on the map, leaving the future of Titanfall 3 in jeopardy. Publisher EA has commented previously that, should time permit in the future, a trilogy-making third game could happen, but that for now, all focus would be on supporting one of the company’s biggest moneymakers.

Whether circumstances behind closed doors have changed since then, we don’t know, but new details recently shared by reputable data miners on social media certainly seem to suggest as such. In a now-deleted Tweet posted by TheNeon_Beast, the Brazilian leaker said, in reference to recent rumors of Titanfall 3‘s existence, that “I’m pretty sure leakers can say the same, cuz we have totally different sources. The good thing is: even with different sources, the rumor is exactly the same.” Seemingly confirming that they’ve heard similar whispers coming down the grapevine, leaker Biast12 responded to TheNeon_Beast with, “yeah I can confirm that part,” in reference to Titanfall 3 being worked on.

As of writing, neither individual has addressed why the correspondence was deleted from Twitter, but if what we’ve heard is true, a Titanfall 3 announcement could well be much closer than many first thought. Apex Legends will assuredly continue to get the lion’s share of attention for the foreseeable future, though, of that we have no doubt, perhaps suggesting that development of the former is being handled by an all-new team. Watch this space for further developments.