Top 10 Disney Worlds Kingdom Hearts Should Visit


Yeah, remember this one? Me neither. But if Disney can resurrect Tron for use in a Kingdom Hearts game, they can certainly take advantage of the cyberpunk world of Treasure Planet.

Treasure Planet was revolutionary for combining the 2D animation that most of us were already familiar with and adding 3D backdrops and certain assets, like Long John Silver’s arm there. It also had that one weird captain that was half-human, half-cat and all attractive-to-a-12-year-old.

Sora has tussled with the likes of pirates and robots before, so why not combine them? And it might be the perfect excuse to remind people that this movie even existed.

Think of all the gameplay possibilities that visiting a Treasure Planet world would mean. It would be accessible similarly to Monstro in the previous games, where randomly your player would come into contact with the flying pirate ships at the end of a level. You’d keep encountering them randomly, and each time would progress more of their individual story.

Or even better, add some sort of treasure map mechanic, and Sora (or whoever you’d play,) would keep finding clues to find an ultimate treasure at the end of all the clues. Maybe it turns out to be some sort of horrifying boss or something. The possibilities are endless!

Also, solar surfers.

Yeah, this needs to happen.

But what if a world was put into the games that had nothing to do with Disney? What if, instead of bringing Square Enix’s characters to a Disney world, Donald, Goofy and Mickey took a trip to…

7. Midgar – Final Fantasy VII

Okay, okay, okay, calm down kids. The die-hard Final Fantasy fanatics are angry right now because I’m “giving in” to the popularity of Final Fantasy VII, and the die-hard Kingdom Hearts kids are angry at me because of adding worlds that aren’t Disney. To the former I say “this idea could work for any given Final Fantasy world,” and to the latter I say “Oh boy, you’re gonna hate the rest of my list.”

I mean, the Kingdom Hearts franchise is already tailor-made for the Final Fantasy worlds, and we already know Square doesn’t mind mixing things up a big thanks to the Dissidia games.

Plus there’s that awkward thought of having Mickey Mouse walking through the slums of Wall Market.

Other good locales would be Balamb Garden from Final Fantasy VIII, Baron from Final Fantasy IV or Rabanastre from Final Fantasy XII.

And it would have the added bonus of silencing all the people out there asking for remakes of most of the games in the series. And then they’ll continue just a few months later when they actually finish the game.

Regardless, the high fantasy setting would make a perfect fit. Which is also why Square should think about:

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