Top 10 Disney Worlds Kingdom Hearts Should Visit


6. Narnia

Yes, I realize that the movie technically a live-action movie more than it is animated, but if they can cram Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron into Kingdom Hearts, they can certainly fit Narnia.

In retrospect, Narnia is a perfect fit. You’ve already got tons of fantastical creatures available, a magical talking animal and war. What else do you need?

And think of all the fan fiction that would be spawned if Simba and Aslan teamed up! That’d be….really weird, actually, but it’d be awesome! The White Witch makes a perfect villain, tainted by the darkness of the Heartless. There’s contrast everywhere, and it all spells awesome!

And can you imagine how Sora would discover Narnia? He’d be getting debriefed by Yen Sid back at his tower, only to notice a strange roaring sound coming from a wardrobe in an otherwise deserted room. He and his friends take a look only to fall in and be thrust right into the middle of a magical civil war.

It could even be the sight of a major battle between the forces of light and dark! On one side you have Sora and the usual cast of Square Enix and Disney heroes he’s amassed during his travels, and on the other is a horde of Heartless and other villains, led by Xehanort. The visuals, man! The visuals!

Son of a…it’s PERFECT Square! PERFECT! Make it happen!

Or, alternatively, you can go for something a bit darker. The Narnia books/movies are supposed to be based on Christianity after all. What if you went with something a bit more scary, like….

5. The Black Cauldron

Fun fact, whenever I formulate a feature like this list, I always run ideas by a few of my most trusted gaming friends first. When I went through this whole list, I got many odd looks, smiles and “OH MY GOD I WANT THIS!” reactions. The Black Cauldron was the one where no one I had talked to had ever even heard of it.

I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t have even heard of it had it not been for a random advertisement I had seen for a re-issuing of the film while having a nostalgia driven binge of my old Disney VHS tapes. But the movie itself was pretty cool.

The Black Cauldron was always the black sheep (ba dum tish!) of Disney’s animation past. It was a noticeably darker movie than anything else Disney had released. The entire story centered around an undead monarch, known as The Horned King, seeking the Black Cauldron in order to raise his army of the dead. It was terrifying, especially for something that still looked like a children’s movie.

Sure, maybe an entire world wouldn’t necessarily work. However, I keep likening The Horned King to that of Maleficent. We didn’t see a world based on her film, Sleeping Beauty, until 2010’s Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, despite Maleficent appearing in the very first game eight years earlier. So if nothing else, The Horned King would make a great villain to stand by Maleficent’s side, along with his army of the undead.

You never know. Maybe Disney will finally generate enough interest in the film. Sure it didn’t resonate very well, and was considered a failure, but The Mistress of All Evil teaming up with The Undead King? Match made in Hell right there.

You know what? All this darkness is making me feel a little depressed. Let’s switch gears for a bit. Let’s talk about something ultimately happy. Something like…

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