10 Upcoming PS Vita Games That We Can’t Wait For

10) Oceanhorn: Monster Of The Uncharted Seas (Late 2017)

A genre that’s slightly under-represented on the Japanese giant’s portable are Zelda-like action-adventures, but Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas is set to help plug that very specific gap. Much like its inspiration, the game’s a 3D isometric action-RPG with light puzzle-solving, real-time combat and Metroidvania-style upgrades that unlock new areas of the map.

Our very own Chad Goodmurphy reviewed the title on Xbox One and surmised that despite “lacking in originality, this game still manages to be quite good. Sure, it doesn’t live up to Link’s name, but it’s polished, interesting and enjoyable enough to be worth a gander.”

Even though Oceanhorn loses marks for creativity, the general discourse surrounding the game is that it’s a fun and very well-made Zelda-like that will keep Vita enthusiasts happy and scratch an itch that fans of the genre have been hankering for since the console’s inception.