Top 10 Video Game Things That Need To Exist


7. Spartans – Halo Series

I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I have a lot of respect for our men and women in uniform. They’re capable of a lot of things that I wouldn’t be capable of, but they’d be completely unstoppable if they were Spartans.

The Spartan project creates nothing short of super soldiers. “Recruited” at a young age for being recognized for their heightened abilities, these children are given mechanical augmentations to increase their abilities even further, and mix Mother Nature’s work with a bit of man-made boosts to create a nearly flawless soldier.

To give you an idea of how powerful the Spartans are, that heavy suit they wear weights no less than 1000 pounds. No man on Earth right now could wear that armor, let alone have the agility the Spartans do while wearing it.

Featuring an interactive heads-up display, a regenerating energy shield and boosts, the soldiers physical abilities even more than the augmentations and gifted person were already capable of. With an entire army outfitted with these, no one would ever think about messing with the country in command again.

Sure, we don’t have any sort of alien menace necessitating our need for enhanced battle brethren yet, but why would we need that? There’s still combat across the world, so this would be incredibly useful.

 6. Achievements – Xbox Live/Steam/PlayStation Network

Ever had that day where you just can’t be motivated to do anything? Sounds like you need a little boost. Sounds like you need Achievements.

Ever since Microsoft introduced the simple little nothings for doing something in our favorite games, other companies have followed suit. Many gamers even admit that they have a hard time playing older games on platforms where there are no Achievements. Myself included, playing through Zelda: Skyward Sword at the moment, who feels a little empty inside when I complete a temple and I don’t hear that magic little bubble pop sound effect.

Although, since then, I’ve downloaded the sound effect onto my phone, and have a button that activates the sound whenever I want. But I digress.

How awesome would it be if after accomplishing something awesome, or something as mundane as getting the mail, you heard that little “pop?” Instantly everyone would be doing all kinds of mundane things in order to rack of achievements for it.

You could even track your life achievements on your phone or something. Unless you had something cooler than a smartphone. Something like….

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