6 Potential Projects That Telltale Could Tackle Next


Ever since The Walking Dead, Telltale Games has taken a series of existing IPs and adapted them into vastly interesting multi-episode experiences. From Batman to Back to the Future, they’ve consistently impressed. Through all of these adaptations, they’ve proven themselves to be both excellent storytellers and world-builders. With their next project being Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s exciting to think about what may come after that.

Considering the wide array of IPs that could match well with the Telltale format, it’s difficult to narrow it down. However, with this list, we believe that each of these would be an excellent next step in their studio’s future. In terms of how these picks were decided, it really came down to three simple criteria:

  1. Is the world interesting enough to explore thoroughly?
  2. Are there fresh and original stories available to tell?
  3. Can it work as a game that isn’t gameplay-focused?

These 6 selections both meet those criteria and would fit that story-focused mould that Telltale Games has specialized in over the last couple years. Better yet, these adaptations could better enrich the lore of the IPs that are adapted and increase exposure for that particular series. It’s easy to see why there’d be plenty of incentives with a Telltale adaptation of any IP, but we feel that these 6 would be a pretty good fit.