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7 Awesome Games With Horrible Box Art

The saying goes "You can't judge a book by it's cover." Ironically, this saying is even more relevant when it comes to video games. Although the truly dedicated gamers know what's good and what isn't regardless of the first thing they see in the store, there have been several video games that are prizes to any collection, in value, not in art.

[h2]7) Super Mario Bros. (NES)[/h2]

Ah, the NES era. Responsible for countless classic games, great nostalgic memories, and this little gem. The original Super Mario Bros. (and its subsequent remakes) is still one of the most popular games of all time.

What wasn’t to love? It was a simple game which saw players moving consistently from left to right, all the whilst jumping over obstacles, jumping on enemies, and defeating the evil King Koopa in order to save the beautiful (?) Princess Toadstool.

But look at this box! Granted, this was before video games had multi-million dollar production values like they do now, so simple box arts were not only acceptable, but it was games like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy that made it okay to have just a logo and maybe something simple on the cover along with it.

What does this cover have on it? It has Mario in fire mode. Some random castle wall there with a fireball somehow lodged inside it, and…..is that lava?

That’s right kids. At best, this cover depicts the frustration of an uninspired cover artist who just decided to cram as much exciting stuff on the cover as possible to interest people. If it’s what the internet seems to think it is, this depicts the very last moment of poor Mario’s life as he plummets into the firey death down below.

Don’t believe it? This picture is floating around the internet.

And while we’re on the subject of NES games…

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