Trade Gold Trophies For PlayStation Memorabilia With Sony’s Greatness Exchange


In the build up to PlayStation 4, we’ve had short films, live action advertisements and online auctions. And now, Sony has launched a new promotional campaign that will offer players the chance to bag some exclusive merchandise. Entitled Greatness Exchange, the website invites players to use their collection of gold trophies in the daily sweepstakes; a system that Sony promises to be much more consumer-friendly than July’s online auction.

Here’s an extract from the PlayStation Blog, detailing the specifics:

“Your eligible Gold Trophies will be depicted on the page, which you can redeem as entries into the daily sweepstakes. You must select that day’s sweepstakes and enter the total number of Gold Trophies you would like to bid for that day’s prize — you’ll only be able to bid up to the number of Gold Trophies you’ve earned from playing PS3 or PS Vita games.”

The PlayStation-themed campaign began yesterday over on the Greatness Exchange website, which will run daily sweepstakes for the next three weeks up until November 14th. Encompassing memorabilia from Killzone: Shadow Fall and The Elder Scrolls Online, the promotion is essentially a follow-up to the short film released earlier in the week, which depicted Sony’s console lineage from 1995 to 2013.

While gaming costumes are some of the principal prizes, a Killzone Induction and an Elder Scrolls Experience are also up for grabs, which include a trip to Guerrilla Games’ native region of Amsterdam and a VIP pass to Quakecon 2014, respectively. Of course, these excursions are the most coveted prizes, but hey, it’s worth entering for the chance to win some PlayStation attire just in time for Halloween next week.

It’s worth noting, however, that this promotion is limited to PlayStation users in the United States and Canada. Nevertheless, be sure to tell us whether you plan to pitch your gold trophies in Sony’s online lottery in the comments below.