8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released


You would imagine that being employed as a game tester is a pretty sweet existence. Sitting around, playing unreleased triple-A games all day long, only occasionally stopping to eat some Cheetos. And then, after your day is over, going home to play some more games. Now, obviously I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, the life of a game tester is actually pretty appalling. I mean, not like ‘Victorian child factory-labourer’ bad, but still kind of dismal.

What you’re essentially required to do, is break games. And not even amazing games in the first place, unless you’re very lucky indeed. Basically, what you’re going to be doing, 9 times out of 10, is sit in a dark room, spamming the ‘jump’ button on some miserable child-friendly platform game before collating a large, tedious report of any bugs that happened to occur. Hour after hour. Level after level.

In a way then, these brave people are martyrs, sacrificing their gaming enjoyment for the sake of ours. We owe them a lot, certainly, but sometimes they miss a few things. Or the developers didn’t have the time or the money to fix them, or perhaps even the inclination. Not everyone likes their job, even in the heady and exciting world of gaming. So here then, for whatever reason, are the seven crappiest, most broken games that somehow ever got released.

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