Here’s How To Unlock The True Ending In Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

If you thought that playing through Resident Evil 2 once would mean you’ve seen everything the game has to offer, then you’d be wrong. Much like past entries in the survival horror series, Capcom’s latest title has a few neat tricks hidden up its mutated sleeve. Namely, Resident Evil 2 has a handful of different endings and one of the most elusive is the “true” ending of the game, which is also tied to the Broken Umbrella trophy/achievement. But how exactly do you unlock this?

Well, it’s important to note that you’ll have to play through the game at least twice to reach the true ending. Firstly, you need to beat the main campaign with either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. Essentially, this’ll count as your “A” scenario for that respective character. As a result, the “B” scenario will unlock for the other person you didn’t complete the game with. For example, if you beat the campaign with Leon first, the “B” scenario for Claire would unlock.

With the new “B” scenario unlocked, players will need to make their way through their second run of the game with that specific character. Long story short, make sure that you don’t play through RE2 twice with the same protagonist if you want to see the true ending.

Once players have beaten their second run, they’ll be treated to the elusive true ending. Another bonus that’ll be unlocked as well is The 4th Survivor mode, which places you in the boots of Umbrella operative Hunk. If players beat that, they’ll also unlock an additional mode that sees you stomping around Raccoon City as a large piece of tofu. Yep, you read that right.

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