Upcoming Apex Legends Black Friday Event May’ve Been Leaked

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players may not have to wait long for its next big event to arrive.

Earlier this week, the battle royale’s limited-time Duos Mode came to a close and for the first time in a while, fans are enjoying a brief period of respite between events. Developer Respawn has been churning out in-game events at a dizzying pace ever since Season 3 commenced and that, combined with new map World’s Edge and hero Crypto, has provided more than enough content to keep satisfaction levels high.

But is the current lull period simply the calm before the storm? According to prominent Apex leaker That1MiningGuy, there’s a good chance that the studio intends to capitalize on frenzied spending habits by releasing a new event to coincide with Black Friday.

Check out evidence supporting as such below:

It’s worth noting, of course, that the leak makes no specific mention of Black Friday, though the data mine clearly points toward the imminent arrival of a new event. There’s really no other way to interpret the term “GetActiveThemedShopEvent” as anything else, after all. Beyond that, however, another file heavily implies that the occasion, whatever it ends up being called, will reintroduce a number of cosmetics that have since become unavailable.

That being the case, there’s a real chance that Respawn could imminently be bringing back exclusive cosmetics from the likes of Iron Crown or the recently-concluded Halloween event. Excellent news for players who had perhaps missed them the first time around, then, but should the leak be accurate, it’ll also serve to be the first chance newcomers have of securing some cool-looking skins for their favourite Apex Legends hero.

As always, all of the above should be taken with a huge pinch of salt, though judging by That1MiningGuy’s past record with these types of leaks, there’s a good chance that they’ll all turn out to be bang on the money. Watch this space.