Warframe – A Beginner’s Guide To The PlayStation 4’s Best Free-To-Play Title

Selecting Your Warframe


Excalibur is the “warrior” choice and the one who you will have just finished playing the tutorial with. His powers include dashing through a group of enemies and hitting several targets at once, a super jump that enables him to jump at three times his normal jump height, a blinding attack that temporarily disables the vision of every enemy around you, and an area effect attack that throws javelins in every direction.

Mag could be considered the “magic user” of the group. She can control and manipulate all metal in the area, which includes enemies, teammates, and even bullets themselves. Her pull ability allows you to pull an enemy close to you for a quick attack from your blade, or pull a downed friendly your way for a quick and safe revive, far removed from the enemy hordes. She can also deplete enemy shields and buff the shields of teammates, and create a large “bullet attracting” bubble around any enemy. Finally, her ultimate attack levitates all enemies around her off the ground, and crushes them with her magnetic powers.

Loki is pretty much the “thief” class. He specializes in deception and stealth. He can cloak to turn invisible to all enemies in the area — even those he was fighting with only a moment before — and can then proceed to melee attack them without breaking stealth, and with a rather large damage bonus. In addition to being able to place a holographic decoy of himself, he can also instantly switch places with his decoy, any enemy, or any teammate. This can be invaluable for getting a friend out of trouble, while simultaneously putting you where the action is. Loki’s final trick is his ability to disarm all enemies that surround him, which will make them resort to melee attacks.