Watch: Aliens: Fireteam Elite Release Date Revealed In New Trailer

aliens: fireteam

Aliens: Fireteam Elite, a brand-new game set in Ridley Scott’s horror universe which was first announced earlier this year, finally has a firm release date.

Developed by Cold Iron (a studio established by several industry veterans), Fireteam is billed as a co-op shooter where squads of three will be required to team up and survive an endless onslaught of Xenomorphs. Various types of the titular Alien will be present throughout each campaign in order to keep the action feeling fresh on repeated playthroughs, all of which require a particular strategy to bring down. As rank-and-file enemies, Drones will always attack in large numbers in an attempt to overwhelm your crew, while specialized strains such as the gigantic Praetorian are bred for breach and clear tactics. You can check out some more of these units in the gallery below.

As for today’s trailer drop, its main purpose, besides providing another look at gameplay, is to inform fans of when they can expect to deploy into the outer reaches of space. August 24th is the date to set in your calendar, with pre-orders now available. Anyone who does so will get access to a handful of bonus items, including the Hardened Marine Pack. This contains a Bandana Head Accessory as well as 3 weapon decals and a self-explanatory Chestburster emote.

Cold Iron is promising four “unique campaigns” that introduce “new storylines to the Alien universe,” with players able to create and fully customize their own Colonial Marine both cosmetically and via perks, classes, and load-outs. For all the latest Aliens: Fireteam Elite details, including teasers alluding to a tie-in with Scott’s divisive franchise prequel Prometheus, head through here.