Watch: Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Mod Adds Playable Third-Person Mode


The relatively controversial decision to have Cyberpunk 2077 played from first-person remains a deal-breaker for many RPG fans.

For those not familiar with CD Projekt RED’s previous work, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – considered to be one of the finest games released over the last decade – explored Geralt of Rivia’s war-torn homeland exclusively from third-person. Naturally, it was presumed that the same or a similar camera would be used for whatever titles the studio released in the future, expectations that ultimately resulted in surprise when Cyberpunk 2077 was confirmed to be the opposite.

Folks who have dipped their feet into the dystopian cesspool that is Night City will already know, of course, that while V can only be controlled via first-person, certain activities, namely driving, allow the player to shift perspectives. Why this feature doesn’t extend to combat or NPC conversations isn’t immediately clear, though in the absence of an official option, fans have spent the last month since launch attempting to add it themselves.

One content creator going by the name of Sarunama over on Nexus Mods has done exactly that now, and you can check out the results of their work in progress project via the above video as well as in the screenshots down below.

An exciting prospect, for sure, though it’s worth noting that as an unofficial alteration, frequent glitches and unintended behavior is to be expected. Sarunama continues to iron out any kinks with subsequent patches, however, so it hopefully won’t be too long until a full release version is made available to the public.

It goes without saying that only PC users can get their hands on this modification, though who knows, perhaps CDPR will add its own down the road once a long list of stability issues have been resolved. Speaking of which, it recently emerged that the developer is now being monitored by Polish bureau UOKiK. See here for the full story.