Watch: First House Of The Dead Remake Gameplay Looks Promising

House of the Dead

Despite being leaked and then officially announced last year, next to nothing has been heard about The House of the Dead‘s upcoming remake.

Naturally, the lack of any new details has prompted many to worry that the light gun shooter, which dominated arcades in the late 90s, had been postponed indefinitely (or worse), but thankfully, that’s absolutely not the case. Thanks to Nintendo’s latest indie showcase, in fact, fans have been treated to an awesome trailer showcasing some of the title’s features and a fresh coat of paint that certainly justifies its status as a remake rather than remaster. While it retains the same on-rails gameplay, Forever has poured a huge amount of resources into redesigning almost everything else, including environments and enemies.

Indeed, every abominable creation of unhinged biochemist and geneticist Roy Curien looks better than ever before recreated with modern visuals. With improved fidelity comes the opportunity to depict more visceral violence, too. Pepper the bloated corpse of an undead with a full magazine and they’ll slump to the floor with chunks of decaying flesh missing from their frame. Delightful.

the house of the dead

As far as changes to gameplay are concerned, the experience has left largely untouched intentionally in order to stay as true to the original as possible. Speaking of which, the multiple endings – unlocked based on a final score – return, as does the ability to wade through Curien’s army with a friend in co-op.

All that’s missing at this point, then, is a firm release date which, sadly, has yet to be provided. Though listings for the title on Nintendo’s eShop still have it as arriving this year, so we expect an update on that front sooner rather than later. Until then, be sure to let us know what you make of The House of the Dead‘s reimagining down below!