Watch: Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Trailer Reveals Tons Of New Fatalities

RoboCop Mortal Kombt

Just when we thought NetherRealm couldn’t possibly make its flagship fighting game franchise any more comically violent, along comes Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath to once again prove us all dead wrong.

First revealed earlier this month, Aftermath is a full-fledged expansion to the series’ 11th installment that promises to add so much more than ‘just’ a bunch of new playable characters. There are, of course, plenty of those in the form of MK mainstays Sheeva and Fujin, and the pair are joined by yet another guest character in the form of RoboCop. The crime-fighting cyborg joins fellow 80s action star alumni Terminator later this month and, thanks to the release today of new gameplay showcasing Aftermath‘s content, you can even see the two go head-to-head in gorgeously gruesome Mortal Kombat. Check it out for yourselves above.

Some truthfully jaw-dropping fan service is on display here: from the return of classic maps to nostalgic Stage Fatalities, though mine, and I’m sure many RoboCop fan’s favorite, will undoubtedly be what appears to be his personal match-ending finisher, which stars the iconic ED-209. The duo proceeds to pump poor Johnny Cage full of lead before RoboCop pulls out a man-sized sniper rifle to finish the job for good. Fatalities for Sheeva and Fujin are just as gruesome, of course, as are the aforementioned Stage-specific enders. Uppercutting an opponent, only for them to be promptly smeared across the ceiling by a giant spiked pillar will never get old.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath is out May 26th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC, with several purchase options available to those who already own the base game. See here for all the details.