Watch: New Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn Teaser Trailer


To say that Blumhouse’s Spawn reboot has turned into something of a passion project for Todd McFarlane would be a pretty big understatement. I mean, he’s been attached to it ever since 2007, when he promised to drag Al Simmons back onto the big screen no matter the cost – even if it meant financing the project out of his own pocket.

And now, here we are in 2020 with still no movie. But McFarlane’s undying energy has kept Spawn on life support and the film is now on the verge of finally – finally! – getting off the ground and entering development. As fans of the antihero will know, though, it’s not only in cinemas that they’ll soon see the character, as he’ll also be showing up in Mortal Kombat 11 and ahead of this Sunday’s gameplay reveal, Todd McFarlane has now offered up a little tease on Twitter.

Sharing the below post, the comic book creator told his followers that they could catch the big event by tuning into his social channels and dropped a quick video to whet our appetite for the main course.

As you can see, McFarlane doesn’t give us much here unfortunately, but it’s enough to have us eager to tune in on Sunday for the full reveal. And in the meantime, we’ve got a rather meaty character bio which surfaced last week. You can check it out down below, but from what we can tell, NetherRealm’s take on the demon assassin should stick pretty closely to what’s on the page.

“Al Simmons, once the U.S. government’s greatest soldier and most effective assassin, was mercilessly executed by his own men,” the official blurb reads. “Resurrected from the ashes of his own grave in a flawed agreement with the powers of darkness. Simmons is reborn as a creature from the depths of hell. A Hellspawn. Now he is thrust into the world of Mortal Kombat, where he will fight from supremacy against all Kombatants. “

If you count yourself as an owner of Mortal Kombat 11‘s Kombat Pack, you can get your hands on Spawn on March 26th, with a full release arriving the next week, on April 2nd. Before all that, however, this Sunday brings with it the official gameplay reveal, and we’ll have it for you here as soon as it’s available, so be sure to stay tuned.