Watch: New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Showcases Raytracing Tech

resident evil village

If recent interviews are any indication, Capcom believes that the next installment in its acclaimed survival horror series will set a new benchmark for the genre.

A bold statement to make, for sure, but the developer has managed to achieve such a feat before, and judging purely from what we’ve been shown so far of Resident Evil Village, producer Peter Fabiano is certainly in a position to be confident of the sequel’s quality. The nightmare that awaits Ethan Winters later this year promises to not only be a much grander affair than its short-but-sweet predecessor, but one that takes full advantage of the industry-leading RE Engine and next-gen tech. Currently, just two environments – the titular village as well as Castle Dimitrescu – have been revealed in trailers and it goes without saying that we expect a similar degree of fidelity for areas yet to be seen.

That being the case, then, it’s hardly surprising that AMD has opted to partner with Capcom as a means of exhibiting what its latest line of hardware is capable of. A brief clip posted by the former on Twitter demos the night and day improvements made possible by raytracing, particularly with regard to lighting and overall sharpness, and you can check it out up above.

If you weren’t already in danger of being blinded by the decadence of Lady Dimitrescu’s not-so-humble abode, this ought to do it. While fans on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 can expect a visual feast similar to that shown above, those still happy with last-gen (or feeling the effects of stock shortages) will undoubtedly observe a generally lower quality.

Whatever the situation, Resident Evil Village will be available for all on May 7th and pre-orders are open now. See here for all the options.