Watch: Resident Evil Village Launch Trailer Teases A Whole New Nightmare

Resident Evil Village

Less than 24 hours remain until the latest entry in Capcom’s illustrious survival horror series arrives.

Come May 7th, the gates to Resident Evil Village‘s titular setting will swing open, welcoming players to explore its snow-touched streets and the dark secret it hides in plain view as Ethan Winters. Believing his encounter with the Baker family to be a freak occurrence, the hapless protagonist finds himself embroiled in yet another nightmare scenario several years after RE7, with the catalyst for his actions this time being the abduction of his daughter, Rose.

In light of Chris Redfield’s apparent turn toward villainy, Ethan is left to infiltrate a bizarre cult infatuated with the enigmatic Mother Miranda and her four servants. One of these, of course, is the abnormally tall Lady Dimitrescu, who swiftly became the face of the marketing campaign following her debut in initial trailers. Speaking of which, a brand new promo has been released today featuring previously unseen content, and you can check it out up above.

Of course, Dimitrescu is just one lord of four that you’ll be forced to confront in order to retrieve Rose, all of whom lay claim to their respective territory. Heisenberg, Moreau and Beneviento each represent a creature from folklore but we won’t spoil the specifics – that’s for you to discover on your own. Anyone who pre-orders the title will be granted access to some helpful bonus items for use in the campaign as well as RE: Verse, a multiplayer accompaniment intended to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Following confirmation of the latter’s delay, however, this feature is now scheduled to arrive sometime during the summer.

Resident Evil Village is available tomorrow for Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC and you can find WGTC’s review over here.