We Got This Covered’s Top 10 Video Games Of 2012


  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • NA Release Date: April 24, 2012 (Episode 1)
  • Read WGTC’s full The Walking Dead review, Episode 12345.

John Fleury – The Walking Dead offers one of the best storytelling experiences players can find in gaming. Lee Everett’s story of survival and ongoing conflicts between the undead, as well as the living, is absolutely gripping, with numerous emotional curveballs thrown at the player. Told through five episodic games, with not a weak one among the bunch, its story and characters stay engaging and well-developed the whole way through.

With interesting gameplay mechanics like the choice-based dialog system and quicktime event-based action sequences, The Walking Dead feels like a true reinvention and reinvigoration for point-and-click adventure games. Telltale has honed the genre’s traditional format to a tee in their past games, but this represents a bold new step for them, and it’s a risky move that has paid off tremendously.

The Walking Dead is an unforgettable gaming experience, and one that should not be skipped over by gamers.

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