We Got This Covered’s 10 Best Gaming Moments Of 2014


WGTC-Best Gaming Moments

With each year that passes us by, there are always a handful of moments that stand out when reminiscing about our gaming experiences — a nostalgic pantheon that has been graced by Journey and Telltale’s The Walking Dead in recent years. And though 2014 arguably lacked that one standout title that took the industry by storm — in the vein of last year’s Grand Theft Auto V or The Last of Us, for instance — the past twelve months have still served up an array of moments that will likely resonate with us for a very long time indeed.

Those moments that can only be measured by taking your breath away, whether it’s gingerly creeping around the dimly-lit halls of Sevastopol station, blowing Seattle city to kingdom come with your superpowers, or exploring the solar system with a dedicated fireteam. And these blockbuster were supported by the release of several indie titles that proved you don’t need triple-A production values to instil a sense of awe in players.

So, without further ado, after ploughing through as many games as possible, the We Got This Covered staff present to you the twelve best gaming moments of the last twelve months.

[Editor’s Note: We delve into spoilers in relation to some games on this list, so if you have yet to play some of these titles, read on with caution.]

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