New Trick Helps You Switch Between Weapons Faster In Apex Legends


You’re sprinting through Skull Town in Apex Legends in pursuit of your opponents. Someone pops out from behind a building and you calmly headshot them. Another tries to snipe you from a rooftop and you dispatch them with a precise burst of power. Things are going great! You’re climbing the scoreboard! You feel invincible!

Mad with power and bloodlust you run into a building only to find a rival team hunkering down. You smile and aim down the sights *click*. Oh no, you forgot to reload! You try to swap to another weapon but it takes too long and you’re greeted with a hail of bullets. Now you’re crawling around on the ground needing a medic. How embarrassing.

But the situation might have been have been avoided if you knew this simple trick to swap weapons faster. The move was discovered by Reddit user ManishBH73, and is as straightforward as quickly crouching during the weapons swap animation.

See for yourself below:

Pro Tip: You can switch weapons faster if you quickly crouch between the animation from apexlegends

As you can see, it really does speed up the time it takes to swap weapons, which could be the tiny advantage you need in order to triumph. Seriously, little tricks like these might appear to grant only the smallest benefit, but knowing stuff like this is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. If you need proof, just look to the world of Counter-Strike, which is full of little quick-swap tricks that players use in order to eke out even the smallest edge.

Right now, it isn’t clear whether this tactic is intentional or accidental. If it’s the latter, then exploit it while you can, as now that it’s public Respawn will probably patch it out of Apex Legends fairly quickly. If it’s not though, then full credit to the company for adding tiny little touches like this that add depth to the game.

Source: Reddit