WGTC Huddle: The Wii U Conundrum



WGTC Huddle is a recurring feature on We Got This Covered, where editors discuss news, gaming trends, hot titles, and what they had for breakfast. This week, WGTC editors Griffin Vacheron and Michael Briers are joined by staff writer Christian Law to take a look at the so-far problematic Wii U. How dire is Nintendo’s situation? What can possibly be done? Read on to find out.

Michael Briers:
Hey guys! Is this working for everyone?

Griffin Vacheron:
Woo! Looks good from here.

By the way, I’m currently hooked up to some pretty temperamental Wi-Fi, so if I drop out for a minute or two, pay no mind.

Ah, ok that’s fine.

Christian Law:
I’ve got pretty awful Wi-Fi too, so I’m on my phone at the moment.

Hey! Cool, you’re here. I would like to kick off with a quote.

Sounds like a plan!

It’s from the legendary analyst, Michael Pachter. Ahem: “People are trying to invite Nintendo to their party, but instead Nintendo is going to invite the other people to Nintendo’s party.”

Utter brilliance. I don’t think he’s even trying anymore!

Ouch! Real cool way to set the tone, by starting off with an analyst quote.

Nothing wrong with a little credibility.

Oh, totally. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, we’ve already started and this stuff will be in the post. So meta!

But anyways. Michael, want to start with some opening thoughts? Let’s hear your take, and some facts if you want to drop set-up knowledge.


Drop the mic on ‘em, Michael

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  1. Mrteapotsays:

    That is the most long winded article I’ve ever read….wondering when it was going to get too a point

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