The 7 Best Xbox One Games Of 2016


7) The Turing Test


The Turing Test is a first person puzzle game from developer Bulkhead Interactions. And, as the name would suggest, this futuristic science fiction title is about artificial intelligence. While the game’s narrative isn’t overly complex, the writing does a decent job exploring interesting themes such as free will and what it means to be human.

With gameplay heavily inspired by Portal, The Turing Test will be familiar to those who’ve played FPS puzzle titles. Working your way through the abandoned research facility, players are challenged by different rooms, each comprising one of its many puzzle challenges. They aren’t quite as inspiring in their design as the aforementioned iconic title from Valve, but The Turing Test does introduce some interesting innovations towards its latter half.

Overall, there’s certainly plenty of challenge across The Turing Test’s 10 or so hours of gameplay, and science fiction lovers will enjoy its narrative offerings, especially the final twist. While it might not be high on the list of everyone’s best Xbox One games, we enjoyed The Turing Test’s eerie locale, wider thematic setting and the design of its final levels just enough for it to sneak into the mix.

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