10 Upcoming Blockbusters That Need To Be On Your Radar This Year


No two people are exactly alike, and that’s particularly true when it comes to movie preferences. How else can you explain the fact that the Transformers franchise even made it past the first film? Despite this fact, people still turn to movie reviews in order to help them decide which film to see next, hoping that one critic’s opinion will perfectly match their own.

These days, Rotten Tomatoes has made the process easier, amalgamating reviews from all the top critics into one convenient score. Movies that score 60% or above are rated ‘fresh’ while the poor films that don’t hit that special number are deemed ‘rotten’ and therefore utterly worthless by film goers everywhere.


The system works well for the most part, but one of the issues with calculating review averages is that even the best movies ever made can struggle to hit that magic 100%. That doesn’t mean perfection isn’t possible though.

2016 looks like it’s going to be yet another strong year for cinema, so join us as we look at 10 upcoming movies that we think could score 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and thus, should definitely be on your radar.

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