10 Actors Cast As The Wrong Characters In Comic Book Movies


Scott Eastwood

Imagine you’re David Ayer for a second. You’ve been handed the reins to write and direct Suicide Squad. Not only are you given an incredible A-list cast to work with, but you’re also presented with Scott Eastwood – the son of Clint Eastwood and one of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood. What do you do? You cast him as GQ, a pointless character whose biggest highlight in the film was wearing a backwards cap.

Naturally, when Eastwood was first cast, the tongues were wagging, hoping that he’d be an undercover Dick Grayson/Nightwing or even Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. Those options would’ve made more sense than casting him as GQ, a role that could’ve gone to any pro wrestler wanting a break in the industry. It’s even sadder to think that he only got the part because Warner Bros. didn’t want Shia LaBeouf anywhere near the set.

Seeing him as Grayson would’ve been the best option here. Not only does he have the physique, but he also has the charisma to pull off the role. Maybe GQ dying in the explosion was a massive misdirection and he actually is Nightwing? Now that, would be a genius move on Geoff Johns’ part.

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