10 Actors Who Despised Their Own Movies


We’ve all seen movies we hate, movies that awaken a primal, unstoppable rage if mentioned. Even thinking about X-Men Origins: Wolverine is enough to make me try and surgically remove my own eyes with homemade claws, just on the off chance that I may walk into a room one day where it’s being played.

You may not agree, and you may even think that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an incredible work of art that’s just been misunderstood… and that’s ok. People have different tastes and it’s impossible to like everything that you see in the cinema. Fortunately, we’re not the ones who have to sell the movie and encourage others to watch it.

Forget starving for your craft. Forget constant intrusion from the paparazzi. The worst thing about acting is being forced to sell a movie you despise. Some actors beat around the bush, trying not to openly sabotage their own film, while others publicly bite the hand that feeds them, condemning their projec after or even during their publicity campaign.

Join us as we count down 10 actors who actively despised the movies they starred in. Let’s just hope that the millions of dollars they earned go some way to help them feel better about their horrendous life choices.