10 Actors Who Need To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe, And Who They Should Play


With Avengers: Age of Ultron essentially serving as the grand finale of Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this May (we don’t see Ant-Man upstaging it), and the studio moving boldly forward into Phase Three, which will bring new characters like Captain Marvel (yes, the Carol Danvers version!) and the Inhumans into the fold, the future is beyond bright for comic-book fans. So far, Marvel has put nary a foot wrong (we’re just going to go ahead and overlook the weaker aspects of Iron Man 2 on account of it giving us Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow), both in terms of its films’ plots and the actors that the studio has cast as its super-powered protagonists, and there’s no reason to think that trend is going to end anytime soon.

That said, us fans have some serious feelings about which Marvel creations should grace the big screen next – and just as importantly, which actors should be entrusted with bringing them to vibrant, ass-kicking life. Some of our picks for which actors would be best-suited to portray characters like Adam Warlock, Medusa, Black Bolt and Nova should evoke a loud “DUH” from the die-hard fans, but hopefully a number of our other selections will surprise and incite some serious discussion. We know that you all have hardened convictions about who would best for these roles and others, and we want to hear all about them in the comments (just keep it civil).

Read on to see which actors we’re hoping will bring Marvel favorites to life!

WGTC staff writers Isaac Feldberg and James Garcia contributed to this report.

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