10 Actors Who Could Play Carnage In The Venom Film


Iwan Rheon

After the hatred we felt for Joffrey Baratheon and his despicable ways in Game of Thrones, it appeared as if no other character could rile up our anger quite like the inbred king. That is, until we met the Highness of Hate himself, Ramsey Bolton.

Easily one of the most hated and vile characters in television history, Ramsey committed every possible sin and then some. He was the biggest P.O.S. who had us screaming at our TV screens, week in and week out, and then had us cheering when he finally got fed to his own dogs.

Say what you will about Ramsey’s depravity, but credit must go to Iwan Rheon for his remarkable ability in making us despise him. He has shown his ability to portray the maddest of villains, and they don’t come much madder than Carnage in the comic book world. It’s like he was born to play Cletus Kasady.

That being said, we do think that Rheon’s current role alongside Carrot Top, er, Medusa in Inhumans might dent the chances of this one happening.

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