10 Actors Who Could Play The Flash In Justice League


The Fastest Man Alive is a prime example of a fanboy favorite. There are few characters that fans are as passionate about as the Scarlet Speedster, and because of this, DC fans can hardly wait to see who is going to play The Flash when a Justice League movie finally comes our way.

It’s safe to assume DC’s answer to The Avengers will be coming to theaters sometime soon, especially considering the box-office success of Man Of Steel. If done well, a solo Flash movie would be absolutely awesome, but all indications we’ve seen point toward us seeing Barry Allen for the first time in Justice League, then perhaps getting his own film sometime after that. He’s a character that can be set-up quite well in an ensemble film, and is a vital part of DC’s super team. With Justice League coming our way as early as 2015, it’s time to start speculating on just who is going to be cast as the Flash.

The actor has to fit the build, as Flash isn’t quite as bulky as some of his JLA counterparts, and he has to have the quick wit that fans love. Blonde hair and blue eyes are a plus, though not absolute necessities. But most of all, the actor has to be able to act and stand out when among a bunch of other superheroes on the big screen.

Keep in mind, this list isn’t ordered at all by preference, it just merely highlights 10 actors who would be great choices to play The Flash.

So, read on for 10 actors who could play The Flash in Justice League.