9 Actors Who Could Play Martin Scorsese’s Joker

9) Leonardo DiCaprio

There’s one actor that modern movie audiences associate with Martin Scorsese the most: his five-time leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio. Given that Scorsese is producing the Joker origins movie, there’s a chance – however small – that DiCaprio could play a Batman villain. Something comic book movie lovers have been calling for for years.

Back before The Dark Knight Rises came out, fans wanted Christopher Nolan to cast the Inception star as Edward Nygma/The Riddler. His connection with the franchise doesn’t begin there, though, as Leo was offered the part of Robin in Batman Forever back in 1995. Could he finally be about to appear in a Batman-related movie?

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t put money on it. With Scorsese’s stamp of approval, DiCaprio might be willing to take the plunge into the DC universe, but he’s probably too busy. It would be a shame if he wasn’t at least considered, though.

And for those who don’t believe he could pull off the role, watch him as the despicable but charismatic Calvin Candie in Django Unchained.