10 Actors Who Returned To Famous Roles After A Very Long Time


Once upon a time, it was common practice for an actor to play a character in a movie just the once before moving on to other projects. However, in this new world we find ourselves in, where cinematic universes, sequels, reboots (even rebootquels) rule the box office, the stars of today are being asked to reappear in the same roles over and over again. Many for the first time in years. Decades, even.

Last year, for instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to his most famous role as the unstoppable killing machine (now a goofy father figure) in Terminator: Genisys for the first time in 12 years. Going back a little further, Leonard Nimoy turned up in 2009’s Star Trek reboot to pass the torch to the new guys, after a break from the franchise that had lasted 19 years.

As crazy as both of those examples may seem, the following 10 actors waited even longer to return to their roles….