10 Actors Who Returned To Famous Roles After A Very Long Time


10) Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels – 20 Years


1994’s Dumb and Dumber was one of the biggest comedy hits of the 90s and solidified the growing success of its two stars, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. It isn’t surprising, then, the pair didn’t return for the 2003 follow-up, which recast the duo as younger men.

However, Carrey and Daniels did reprise the parts of Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas in 2014’s Dumb and Dumber To. In case you couldn’t tell, that’s a whole 20 years since the first one. As is the way with many latter-day sequels, the movie was not met with the same acclaim that the first one was, and received pretty negative reviews. Oddly enough, though, Dumb and Dumber To was a fairly big box office success.

9) Sylvester Stallone – 20 Years


Sylvester Stallone is lucky enough to have played two iconic roles in his time – heavyweight champ Rocky Balboa and Vietnam vet John Rambo. Both are so iconic, in fact, that Stallone reprised both roles in very belated sequels.

First, he got back in the ring as Rocky Balboa in the 2006 movie, a hefty 16 years after last appearing in Rocky V in 1990. It was another nine years before he reprised the role again in 2015’s Creed.

The bigger gap, though, was the wait between 1988’s Rambo III and the next time that he played the part – 2008’s Rambo. Don’t expect a Rocky­-like second return here, however, as Stallone recently confirmed there will be no more Rambo movies.

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