Gallery: 9 Actors Who Staged Incredible Comebacks

One of the greatest comeback stories of all time belongs to Robert Downey Jr. He may be one of the highest paid actors in the world right now, but there was a time, not too long ago, when no one would even give him a job, due to his drug abuse and constant trouble with the law. After a couple rounds in rehab, the actor finally got clean and it was in 2003 that he started to stage his comeback. Beginning with the little seen but enjoyable The Singing Detective, followed by the underrated Gothika, Downey Jr. started to earn some goodwill back, slowly but surely. It wasn't until 2005's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang however, that he showed Hollywood that he was back in full force. From there came notable performances in high-profile films like A Scanner Darkly and Zodiac, which, of course, led to the role that changed his life forever: Iron Man.