10 Actresses Who Should Play X-23 In The Wolverine 3


9) Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley

Had The Amazing Spider-Man 2 not been such a complete and utter mess, Shailene Woodley would have already starred in a superhero movie (the actress was set to play Mary Jane Watson, but was cut for reasons which remain unclear).

Despite finding only mixed success with Hunger Games wannabe Divergent, her role in that franchise has no doubt helped establish the breakout star of The Descendants as an action heroine, and a leading role in Wolverine 3 could be just what she needs at this stage.

After all, Woodley has proven that she’s capable of holding a movie as the lead, and if Fox intends to give X-23 a spinoff of her own somewhere down the line, attracting the Young Adult following that the actress has gained could be to their advantage.

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