10 Alternate Versions Of Batman That You May Not Know About

10) Batman Of Zur-En-Arrh


The 1950s were a crazy period for Batman comics. Once the Comics Code Authority was formed in 1954, the book moved away from the more adult, crime-based stories of the 1940s and took on more kid-friendly sci-fi elements – Batman was often caught up in wacky, psychedelic adventures with rainbow monsters, robots and aliens. It was pretty fun stuff.

One of the most infamous outings is the tale of the Batman of  Zur-En-Arrh. A benevolent alien scientist by the name of Tiano had studied Bruce Wayne’s actions closely on Earth and decided to become his own version of Batman – complete with a garish purple, red and yellow costume

In 2009, Grant Morrison bravely reinvented the character for a modern audience in his Batman R.I.P. arc. In that story, Zur-En-Arrh was a backup personality of Batman’s designed to take over if his mental state was near collapse. His name came from a blurred memory of the last words he heard his father say before he was murdered: “If Zorro was real, they’d lock him up in Arkham.”