10 Important Moments From The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Some Assembly Required

This isn’t a great time for the world to get attacked by an alien warlord (uh, not that there ever is), as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes aren’t exactly a united front when Infinity War begins. The opening of the trailer, though, teases how the Avengers will gradually reassemble now that the planet needs them.

Set to clips of the various heroes spread around Earth (and the galaxy), we get a moody retelling of Nick Fury’s classic quote from The Avengers, as told by different heroes. “There was an idea,” Fury begins. “To bring together a group of remarkable people,” continues Tony. “To see if we could become something more,” adds Vision. “So when they needed us, we fight the battles,” chimes in Thor, before Black Widow wraps up with: “That they never could.”

It’s an effective, doom-laden way of beginning the trailer. The inference here is that the hope and optimism seen in The Avengers has passed and now the heroes are wondering if they actually can fight the world’s battles for them, after all.

For a suggestion that things are darker this time around, the second shot of the trailer sees Tony grabbing what looks to be a dying person’s hand against what appears to be an alien backdrop. Could this be one of his teammates? We do know that Infinity War is going to bring about lots of death