10 Awesome Easter Eggs In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

9) Howard The Duck Returns

The post-credits scene to the first Guardians of the Galaxy saw the hilarious and unexpected return of Howard the Duck to the big screen, for the first time since the character’s critically-reviled 1986 movie. It turns out that Howard is a regular part of these films now, as he also gets a cameo in Vol. 2. 

This time, he turns up in the main bulk of the movie. On the planet Contraxia, where the Ravagers are entertaining themselves with booze and sexbots, Howard can be seen chatting up one (un)lucky lady. “They say you’re out of luck,” he boasts. “Until you’ve had duck.”

Howard’s lewd comment here could be a nod to an infamous scene in the previously-mentioned 1986 outing, in which Howard’s human pal Beverly (Back to the Future’s Lea Thompson) tries it on with her feathery friend.

The voice of Howard, by the way, is once again Family Guy‘s Seth Green, who first played the part in Guardians of the Glaxy and then reprised the role for an episode of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.