10 Awesome Easter Eggs In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

8) Ego The Living Planet

As was – somewhat controversially – revealed before the film hit theatres, Vol. 2 sees Peter Quill find out that his father is Ego, an ancient being who takes the form of a whole planet. In the comics, Peter’s father is Emperor J’Son of Spartax. Ego, meanwhile, is usually a villain of several Marvel heroes including Thor, Nova and the Fantastic Four.

In the movie, we learn that Ego is a Celestial, an all-powerful race from the beginning of the universe. The Celestials were first mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy, where it was revealed that they were the original users of the Infinity Stones. By the end of Vol. 2, we’re told that Ego is not the wholesome dad he pretended to be and actually wants to spread his will throughout the galaxy. This recalls a storyline in the comics where Ego became “a living bio-verse” called Super-Ego.

Lastly, when Ego is romancing Peter’s mother Meredith, his convertible has an orange and teal colour scheme. His son would later use the same paint job on his spaceship, the Milano.