10 Awesome Easter Eggs From X-Men: Apocalypse


9) Magneto’s Family


At the beginning of the film, Magneto has hidden away from the world by starting a family and living a normal life in Poland. However, tragedy strikes and both his wife and child are taken from him.

This is largely borrowed from the comics where this event forms his origin story. Living in Ukraine, Magneto’s growing powers scare the locals into burning down his house – with his daughter Anya still inside. Due to her death, Erik unleashes his powers and kills them all. His wife Magda then runs away from him in fear.

Though his wife’s name remains the same in the film, his daughter is named Nina. Unlike her comics counterpart though, she also has mutant powers – the ability to control animals. This is somewhat similar to both Lin Li AKA Nature Girl and Mirage (a character soon to appear in the New Mutants spinoff movie).

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